Wild About Taiwan – Beautiful Creatures



Taiwan has some amazing animals. Check them out.





A neat looking caterpillar, as you can hear, that’s not his real eyes that you see.

A mountain crab, he wasn’t too happy to have a camera put in his face.

Pretty sure this is a Malayan Night Heron, I saw this guy hunting salamanders at our favorite restaurant.

That’s all for the wild animals, so now onto everyone’s favorite! Pandas!

The Red Panda - If a fox and a raccoon had a baby, but it looks so cuddly!
The Red Panda – If a fox and a raccoon had a baby, but it looks so cuddly!

Baby Panda at the Taipei Zoo. This was after we lost our queue ticket and the guy working the door smuggled us in with the last group, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have ever gotten this close to the glass. They love their pandas over here in Asia.

Last but not least, a really cool looking bird we saw in the bird part of the Taipei Zoo! He looked stressed out so I stepped out of his way and let him pass, it made for a cool close-up shot.

That’s all for now! We hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you care to check out more of our videos, check out our Youtube channel!¬†Also, add us on Instagram for more awesome pictures!

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