What to buy in Japan - Sumo Shirt

What to Buy in Japan | The Coolest Souvenirs

Tokyo is the city of cool. Japan, the country of characters. We’re talking ninjas, geishas, sumo wrestlers, Pokemon and Hello Kitty everything! So while we, sadly couldn’t bring a Sumo wrestler back with us as a souvenir (trust us, we asked.) we did find what to buy in Japan. Here is the list of the coolest souvenirs from the land of the rising sun.

What to buy in Japan – The Souvenir Guide

  • You can’t bring back a Sumo Wrestler. But you CAN bring back totally neato Sumo Wrestling playing cards. An added bonus is the pictures of sumo moves on the cards so you can try them out on your friends! Endless fun and something you’ll always use that has a cool story. Great for all ages.
What to buy in Japan | Sumo Wrestler Playing Cards
What to buy in Japan | These sumo wrestler playing cards are so cool!
  •  Ladies love Kimonos. Period. It’s like…a girl rule. I mean, look at them! They are exquisite with their designs of cranes and chrysanthemums. You can also look fancy just walking around the house.  If you are wondering what to buy in Japan for grandmothers, pregnant friends, wives, sisters, and moms, this is it. They are also super dope Halloween costumes. There’s different levels of quality, from 100% silk to cotton ones, so shop around!
  • Cheesy but fun: ninja shirts and ninja headbands. Guys and kids love them.
  • Pretty combs. Simple, cheap and something you can use to add a touch of Japanese elegance to your day.What to buy in Japan | Hair Comb
  • Cliche but who cares: Sake glasses and chopsticks.
  • Buy at your own risk: Samurai Sword
  • DON’T BUY: Bonsai trees (actual plants OR SEEDS) When you beg, “They’re only just a Christmas gift for my grandpa!” The customs officers will just roll their eyes as they throw them in the trash.

Where to go Souvenir Shopping in Tokyo

So now that you know what to buy in Japan, here is where to get the best deals. These 2 places are the only two you need to buy souvenirs for everyone.

Nakamise Dori

This small street is located on the way to the incredible Senso-ji Temple. Be sure to haggle!

Where to buy souvenirs in Tokyo - Nakamise Dori
Nakamise Dori is the perfect place if you don’t know what to buy in Japan. They have everything in one place!

Oriental Bazaar

Awesome prices, tons of selection. Located near Harajuku. Here’s their website.

Thanks for reading our guide on what to buy in Japan. If you are looking for ideas of what to see on your trip to Tokyo, check out our 4 day guide, 4 Days in Tokyo.


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Sarah (JetSetting Fools)

Love this guide!! I would ask about bringing home a sumo wrestler, too! haha. I haven’t been to Japan (yet!), but I surely look forward to all the characters, wrestlers and markets!


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