About Us

Who are we?

We are Cody and Liz Biggers. A Texan with a peanut butter problem and a Louisiana Southern Belle that could talk to a brick wall. We were married January 4, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. We decided to start traveling 6 months after we were married and it’s one of our best ideas. Since leaving our family, friends, and dog (he’s in good hands) we’ve been living and teaching in Taiwan.

Our biggest trips include: an 18-day cycle around the entire country of Taiwan (700 miles), a 4-day whirlwind of a trip around Tokyo, 4-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday trip to Hong Kong, and a 10 day honeymoon island getaway off the coast of Belize.

Honorable mention: Driving either from Austin to Houston 2 and a half hours (Cody’s side) or Austin to New Orleans 8 hours (Liz’s side). So. Much. Driving.

Contact us at: TravelDevoted@gmail.com


Why are we here?

Since we turned our lives upside down we are learning how to strengthen our marriage while traveling on a budget. Travel Devoted teaches you about these things. Marriage was the beginning of the adventures, not the end.



14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Enjoying your scopes. There is a periscope that goes by penguin6 in Hong Kong, worth looking him up before you go.

    • Thanks! We are in need of some tips! Glad you are enjoying them! We hope to show more of Taiwan and share what we’ve learned as teachers/travelers. Periscope is a cool platform to teach and share! We appreciate you joining us on our walk and adding to the fun of it! : )

  2. Just popped on over to say thanks for the follow on my own blog. Like your attitude and your love of the travel – the ultimate education. Sounds like a good long honeymoon to me Allow me to explore your blog further, MM

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