Double Ten Day in Taiwan – Fireworks, Food, and Friends

Double ten day is a national holiday for Taiwan. It’s celebrated on October 10th (10/10) It is sort of the same as our Independence Day. It’s a day of dragon dances, many more fireworks than usual, and a lot of people out and about. I don’t know a whole lot about it besides that we got off for the day, as did everyone else!

Our Double Ten Day in Taiwan

So we made the most of it. Liz and I started walking towards our favorite park in Huwei to relax at, have a coffee, and maybe do a devotional or write in our journals. On the way, we noticed how much crazier today was going to be. Kids were everywhere, and the traffic had increased a lot too. (Not too big a deal when you are on foot.) So we walked a little bit of a different way and ran smack into..

Double ten day in Taiwan - Dragon Dancers
Middle school age kids doing a dragon dance!

Double Ten Day Dragon Dance (and a nice tongue twister!)

There were 2 dancing dragons with 2 kids each in them, and the rest of the kids were either banging on a drum, or crashing cymbals together. They were sort of on beat with each other, but definitely doing much better than I could have. Overall it was very cool, up until some guy decided to start popping fireworks around 5 feet away from where we were standing and watching. So we decided to head on our way before somebody got hurt (him, not me). In the photo you can see the kid that is the front legs and head of the dragon, standing on the rear end’s legs. Not bad for some 8th graders! Double tenth day success, we saw the dragon dancers!

Window Shopping on Double Ten Day

So after arriving at our favorite Huwei park, (we named it Good Morning Gardens, and the little pond is now Hungry Fish Pond) we relaxed for a bit, and decided to go check out a few stores. We have been planning what we will buy with our first check (Nov. 10th can’t come quick enough!) After looking around a few stores; a book store, pet store, bedding store, hardware store. We made a few mental notes: large map of Taiwan to hang on our wall, the pet store is gross, we need sheets and a blanket, and also a mop and a broom.

Double ten day in Taiwan - Walking around lost in Huwei
We got lost. Sometimes you just need a picture to lighten the mood.

Double Ten Day Mishap

On our way home we decided to take the scenic route. So we were walking along, taking in the sights, but after about 30 minutes, we really didn’t have the slightest clue which way to go to get back! We could have backtracked, but we really didn’t want to do that, so we kept walking. And walking, and walking, and walking…

We found a few new places, including the city library, some new temples, and the high school. What we didn’t find was the way back. But onward we went! Obviously we made it back okay, but not until we sat down, hot and frustrated in the shade for 20 minutes or so. We finally waved down a passing bicyclist who didn’t know English. Luckily he knew the word Huwei, and pointed us in the right direction. On our way back to civilization we discovered a new park, and also how dang close we were to our apartment! It was just kind of unsettling to see farmland all around you without the city visible at all. Then you walk 10 more minutes down the road and BAM! there it is. We weren’t quite expecting an adventure before lunch time, but hey, sometimes these things aren’t planned.

Going to Huwei Night Market on Double Ten Day

Double ten day fell on a Friday which coincidentally is the same day as Huwei’s night market. It’s only once a week on Friday nights.

So after we got home we rested for a bit and then started to get ready to go to the Huwei Night Market with some coworkers of ours, Nico and Joanne. They arrived on their scooters and then Nico hopped off and let me drive her scooter with Liz on the back. It was a little scary, but really fun. We made it there in one piece, and yes, we were wearing helmets! The night market was packed, but it was double ten day after all. We made the rounds, checked everything out, played a few games. I made it a point to try different things from last week’s market (really wasn’t that hard considering we had stinky tofu last week.)

So this time we tried: fried octopus on a stick, fried quail eggs on a stick, Mongolian vegetables, (they give you an empty bowl and you make as big of a pile in it as you can, then they grill it), and a papaya milk drink (kind of like a milkshake). All together it was $230 Taiwan Dollars, or around $7 US. Taiwan is the best.

Double Ten day - Huwei night market with friends
Us with 2 of our coworkers, Nico and Joanne. They showed us around the night market.


Double ten day - Huwei Night Market balloon dog
Balloon animal guy using his dog as free advertising! He looked miserable.

Accidentally trying something crazy on Double Ten Day

As we were walking around the market, there were free samples everywhere. We got to try many different things. As we passed a table of meats, I saw one that looked like pork and had some kind of chili paste on it, so I popped it in my mouth.

‘Oh,’ Nico said to me then. ‘You like that?’

‘Uh, what is it?’

‘It’s pig kidney.’

It actually tasted fine, until I found that out, but I swallowed it anyway. Kind of gritty. So yeah, I was right, it was pork.

Double ten day - Huwei Night Market
Shrimp fishing, what you catch you get to BBQ.
Double Ten Day night market in Huwei
Snails! Need I say more?
Double Ten Day in Taiwan
The bread table. We will be back!

On our way out the gate we stopped at the bakery table. This table was surrounded by people waving money at the lady working the counter. They were cleaning up. Everything looked amazing! We got the tray above, 6 different things, for 3 dollars US. Pretty sweet. Oh, and on the way home, the scooter I was driving stalled while we were idling at a stop, so we blocked traffic for a minute until we figure out how to start it again. Not a single person honked.

All in all a good holiday. We love Double Ten Day.

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