Just Another Buddhist Ceremony on our Block!

A few weeks ago we got to witness an explosive Buddhist ceremony/parade. It had it all; music, people dressed as different warriors in big costumes, fireworks, and even pole dancers! Yesterday afternoon was another one. It’s hard for us to tell the difference between the normal firework explosions, and something different. We are used to hearing a lot of noise from that end of our street but when it is a parade it continues on, and on. So it was going on for a few minutes, before we realized it was something much cooler than just someone popping firecrackers. We ran down to the street as fast as possible from our 8th floor apartment. I took the elevator, and Liz ran down the stairs. She won. Here are some videos and pictures we took.

In the time it took to write this, around 20 minutes, I heard fireworks pop 3 different times at that temple. Just so you can get an idea.













It’s really cool to be on the parade route! Even if we have to deal with them popping fireworks at all hours. I wouldn’t change it.

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