National Palace Museum on Chinese New Year



Are we crazy or what? We decided to visit the museum the day of Chinese New Year, figuring people would be at home with their families, so maybe it wouldn’t be very crowded. We were so wrong. There were hordes of people here, from little old ladies bulldozing their way in front of you, to huge tour groups that would suddenly surround you out of nowhere and pin you in place until they were ready to move on. There were numerous people working at the museum carrying signs saying no photos, and please keep your voices down. I guess it didn’t apply to the tour guides.

So I’m making it sound like it wasn’t amazing, but it was.

We saw priceless artifacts from ancient China, brought to Taiwan for safekeeping. From calligraphy books and pottery, (not the most exciting), to beautiful paintings (some were 30′ long) and carved jade pieces, this museum had it all. There were massive bronzes of Buddha and a whole village carved into a single olive pit. There were beautiful pieces of jade, the most famous being the Cabbage with Insects. We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes to see that one, as well as an iron cauldron with some of the earliest forms of calligraphy carved into it. These were the prizes of the collection, and we had to quickly look as we shuffled past them in line.

We would have loved to photograph or shoot some video of so many things we saw. Unfortunately, they were very strict about photography, as most museums are.If you would like to check out some of the pieces from their different collections, here is a link.

After checking out the inside, we got away from the noise and walked around the Palace Museum Garden. It was relaxing, and we finally felt as if we could wind down a little bit. We got so caught up in fighting through the crowds to view the different exhibits, that it was really nice to be able to just stroll around the park and find a nice place to sit.



We enjoyed our visit, though next time we will be sure to come on a more random day and time.


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