Valentine’s Day in Taichung – Part 1

Our Valentine’s Day 2015 was spent in Taichung. It is the closest and easiest big city for us to visit; there is a bus directly from Huwei that takes less than an hour and costs about $5 US. So after work on Saturday we hurried home and got our stuff together and were on the bus within the hour. Never really riding the bus back home, we really enjoy it in Taiwan. You can bring your own food and drink, and then just sit back and relax. The bus is usually very full, and it is very peaceful.Our only plans for the afternoon were to visit a ‘Chinese New Year – Year of the Goat’ market that was near the bus station, make our way to Wu Wei, and also to eat dinner at our favorite restaurant, Miyahara. The only time we feel anxiety while riding the bus is when we get into the city we are traveling to. People start to disembark at various stops, and there is always a little bit of worry in the back of my mind about where to get off. The first time we visited Taichung, there was a person that took us under their wing and told us when to get off, as that stop was the closest to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

This time, however, we were too shy to ask anyone. So we took the gamble that we would know where to get off; we had, after all, done this once before! Lucky for us, the bus terminal, was across the street from Miyahara, so we got our bearings and headed on our way! First we visited the street market, which wasn’t that impressive. It was around 2 pm, so I’m sure it was much more lively in the evening and night. Then it was time to go to Wu Wei. We found a taxi and I pointed at the Chinese name in our Taiwan travel book. The driver nodded, and off we went.

We started to recognize a few places, and when the driver stopped, and pointed down the street, we realized that we were back at The Parkway. This was the place we walked through to make our way to the Fine Arts Museum on Christmas Day. We even photographed the shopping mall that we were now currently standing in front of. It was hard to believe that we were so close to the teahouse before, without even realizing it. So we headed in the direction that the driver pointed, without any luck. So I asked some people where to go, and they kindly informed us that we were nowhere near that place, and that it was still too far away to walk to! I want to have good intentions of the driver, maybe he was confused, but it seems like he ripped us off! Lucky for us, the cabs are dirt cheap, it only cost us around $3 to get to where we were now standing. We found another cab, as there was a line to choose from in front of the mall, and crossed our fingers. The driver looked at the book and nodded at the name I was pointing to, all we could do was hope.

It was about a 10 minute ride before the driver pulled up, we looked over, and there it was! Wu Wei at last! We were hungry, and more than a little frustrated, but as soon as we saw the place that all went away. We could tell just by looking at the outside that we would have a very pleasant experience here.


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