Wu Wei Tsao Tang Teahouse – Perfectly Relaxing


We arrived at Wu Wei around 3 pm on Valentine’s Day, which fell on a Saturday this year. There were not many people there, which benefited us in that we didn’t make a reservation like our guide book suggested. We were immediately led to our own private tea nook. It was very cozy, it had a small table with many pillows around it to sit on. We had a wonderful view of the courtyard, which was a small fish pond with fat, happy fish swimming in lazy circles. There were beautiful ferns surrounding the pond that were a vibrant green. A small child was throwing food to the fish when we arrived, and we watched her and her father enjoying their moment together.

Helpful instructions on how to properly brew a pot of Taiwanese Tea


After ordering our tea, a helpful woman that worked there came and showed us the proper way to brew Chinese tea. It’s not very complicated; first, put the tea leaves in the pot and fill it with water, but immediately pour that out. That is to wake up the tea leaves. Second, refill the pot and allow it to brew for 1 minute, pour the tea through a screen to filter out the bits of leaves. This process can be repeated up to 7 times, adding 10 seconds of brew time for each round. We bought 2 pots worth of Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea, which is one of the most famous teas in Taiwan. So there we were for the next 3 hours, brewing tea, enjoying our little tea room and each other’s company, soaking it all in.

We enjoyed every second of our visit to Wu Wei, the atmosphere, the setting, and of course, the tea. It was all so perfect, and we can’t wait to go back one day.


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