3 Tips on Getting Cheaper Flights – #3 Might Shock You

Flying and accommodation are the two biggest expenses when traveling abroad. The more tips you know on finding cheap plane tickets, the better. Here are 3 of our favorites.

1. Timing is everything.

Start your search at least 3 months before. The best prices for airline tickets are anywhere between 6-8 weeks before your flight. If you have the time to wait, don’t buy the first tickets you find.

The prices change multiple times daily so set up an alert through the website and keep checking every day. On the weekend, prices are usually higher than if you check them mid-week. When the prices come down to a price you are comfortable with, don’t wait, but them then! I’ve seen a price fluctuate by almost $100 one day to the next.

The day of your flight is very important as well. Tuesday and Saturday are said to be the cheapest days to fly, so if you can fly on those days you will be sure you are getting the cheapest fare for that week.

2. Check many sources.

Personally I recommend Google Matrix and Skyscanner. These sites search many others to show you the absolute cheapest possible tickets. There are also some sites that offer last minute flight deals, if you don’t really care where you go.

Google Matrix – Flights


Once you see a flight that looks good, go to the carrier’s website. Sometimes that cheap flight you found is even cheaper on their actual site.


3. Change the currency you are paying with and use a different location.

I don’t quite understand how this works, but it seems to be that if you pay in American Dollars you are paying the highest price. Most of these sites allow you to change what currency you would like to pay in, so while I am living in Taiwan, I make sure I pay in Taiwan Dollars. The price is always a little cheaper, sometimes much more so. The bank or credit card you are purchasing with handles the exchange. So don’t worry, if you receive confirmation that your tickets were purchased then indeed they were.

How to change location and currency on Skyscanner

Cheaper flights with Google Matrix ITA | Change currency and location

Check out this Huffington Post Article for more information about changing your location to find much, much cheaper tickets.

Use a ‘Fake’ Location to Get Cheaper Plane Tickets

This is most easily done on the Google Matrix link above, though I imagine it can be done on any website. On Skyscanner in the top right corner you can change the currency after you have done a search. Go to google and type in (foreign currency) to USD and the cost will be calculated for you.

Thanks for reading up on how to find cheap flights, I hope this article can save you some money the next time you are searching for plane tickets.

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Cheap Flights - Easy Tips
Cheap Flights – Easy Tips

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