Travel Expert – 5 Easy Tips to Level Up Your Travel

Ready to become a Travel Expert? These 5 tips will put you on the road to becoming one! A travel expert will always have these things taken care of ahead of time.

Travel Expert Tip #1 — Check your expiration date.

Make sure your passport’s expiration date isn’t within the next 6 months of your arrival (some countries have a 6 month cut-off for foreign entry).

Still don’t have that passport? Lucky for you we have a guide. Getting your passport before you’re ever even planning that big trip is the first step to becoming a travel expert.

How to get a passport : A guide even my Mom can use


Travel Expert - Get Hepatitis A vaccine before going abroad

Travel Expert Tip #2 — Get the Hepatitis A vaccine.

While you should check with each country what vaccines they require, Hep A vaccine protects you from food and
water contamination. Food and travel usually go
hand in hand so protect yourself and you could prevent a big problem. It allows you to enjoy your trip worry-free. Always check with your doctor before getting any vaccines. Travel experts don’t have time for Hepatitis A.

Travelers’ Health Information – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Travel Expert #3 - Keep valuables in your carry-on or on your person

Travel Expert Tip #3 — Keep all priceless mementos in your carry-on.

Never assume that an airline wont lose your luggage. I have some jewelry that isn’t expensive but very sentimental to me, I never carry it in my luggage because losing it would break my heart. I travel with about 3 necklaces on but it’s worth it. A travel expert won’t risk valuables in a checked bag.

Travel Expert Tip #4 — Download the Google Translate App.

Best. App. Ever. This app can single-handedly get you around any country, from showing cab drivers directions, to translating menus, to telling a doctor, “I’m not sick. I think it’s Poison Ivy.” This app makes you thank the Google team multiple times a day. (God bless y’all, wherever and whoever y’all are.) Download the language files ahead of time so you can use it offline! Need more app recommendations? A travel expert always has a few ready to go.

Travel Apps We Always Use

Travel Expert Tip #5 — Always have a back-up plan with money.

You have many options to consider. Exchanging money at the airport before you leave is one, though you usually don’t get a great rate. You can go to a foreign bank to exchange when you arrive, but keep in mind they usually like the newest, crispest bills. Another option is to withdraw money at the ATM with your debit card when you arrive, but be aware of the fees you will likely pay on both ends. Last but not least is of course using a credit card, which will probably be fine for bigger places like hotels and nicer restaurants, but may not be available to use everywhere you go. Figuring out how you are going to use money abroad is the smartest thing a travel expert can do ahead of time.

Great article at about carrying money overseas.

These are five tips we thought would help before a big trip. Getting these things in order will allow you to relax, enjoy yourself more, and keep you safer.

What got you to the next level and made you a travel expert? We’ve learned a few lessons the hard way! Our 5 Biggest Travel Blunders; Learn From Us

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