3 Free Things to See in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to over 7 million people and is one of the top 5 most densely populated areas in the world. There is no shortage of things to see or do. But it’s also kind of expensive! Here are our three recommendations for free things to see when your wallet needs a cool down. Just because these are free, doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome!





Ladies Market – Mongkok MTR Station

This is a stretch of road full of vendors selling all sorts of different merchandise, and more cheap options for food than you can possibly eat. It’s pretty neat seeing the themes of shops that you pass by. We saw a whole stretch of shops selling pet fish. It’s a very interesting place to go and people watch, and also to shop for bargains. We highly recommend this place.



10,000 Buddhas Monastery – Sha Tin MTR Station

One of the coolest things we did while we were in Hong Kong. Make sure you take some notes before you head over. It’s not an easy place to find, unlike most other things in Hong Kong.

A long set of stairs winds its way up a hill, and lining each side are many different Buddhas all with their own unique look and pose. It’s a bit of work to get up there, but there are places to rest along the way. We really expected it to be worse than it actually was.

At the end of the stairs is a temple, and some great views of the city below. In the center of the room in a glass case, is the mummified monk founder of this temple. He is covered in gold leaf paint, so no gross factor, but it was really cool to see! Make sure to explore the temple grounds fully, there are more stairs to go up higher where you can see a beautiful Buddha riding a dragon in front of a waterfall.



Victoria Harbor Waterfront – Central MTR Station

A nice place to walk and people watch. The buildings are towering overhead and Victoria Peak is visible behind the skyline. We saw people fishing, dancing, and having picnics. There is a park there with events all the time and also a Maritime Museum. You could easily hop on a ferry to one of the other islands, or ride it across to Kowloon. We highly recommend taking the Star Ferry Night Tour. It wasn’t cheap, but it was great!




 These are just 3 of our favorite free things we did in Hong Kong. We’d love to hear yours! Leave a comment and tell us what we need to see next time. Also, check out our companion post to this, Cheap Things to do in Hong Kong.


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