The Best Cheap Things to do in Hong Kong

Things to do in Hong Kong can be pretty expensive, but they don’t have to be. Here is our recommendations for the best cheap things to do in Hong Kong. With this list, you can have a great time in Hong Kong on a budget. From ferry rides, to museum ideas, this list has it all!

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Victoria Harbour Ferries - Cheap Things to do in Hong Kong
Take one of the many ferries to another place, it’s one of the cheapest things to do in Hong Kong!

Ride a ferry across the harbor.

Head down to the Victoria Harbor Piers and check out all of the different available ferries. Some are just for getting across Victoria Harbor, while others will take you to one of the many surrounding islands. Star Ferry’s night cruise, The Symphony of Lights Harbor Cruise isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the money! It was our most memorable thing to do in Hong Kong at night.


The Peak - Cheap Things to do in Hong Kong
The train is more expensive and there’s usually a huge line. If you can’t wait, the bus is super cheap!

Take the bus to the top of Victoria Peak (The Peak)

It’s bus #15 and it only costs like $10 HKD. Get on at Exchange Square Bus Station (8 Connaught Pl, Central, Hong Kong) The bus will take you through different areas of Hong Kong on its way up The Peak.

If it’s a clear day you will have awesome views of Hong Kong from the top. The Peak Galleria has free viewing platforms as well.

Why take the bus and not the tram? Find out on Do This! Not That! What to do in Hong Kong.

I would recommend bringing your own food and drink to The Peak, as everything is really pricey once you are there.


10,000 Buddhas Monastery - Cheap Things to do in Hong Kong
10,000 Buddhas is one of our favorite things to do in Hong Kong.

Make the hike up to 10,000 Buddhas.

This is one of the most unique things to do in Hong Kong. 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is a little hard to find, but luckily for you we made a guide on how to get there! If you’re up for an adventure that is way cooler than seeing Big Buddha, check it out!  10,000 Buddhas Monastery; Must See in Hong Kong

Combine this with a trip to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, they are both located in the Sha Tin area.


'Ding Ding' - Cheap Things to do in Hong Kong
Tram, trolley, ‘Ding Ding.’ Whatever you call it, make sure to ride it! Just use your Octopus Card when you get on, and get off.

Ride the tram around town.

One really neat experience for us was hopping on the tram (AKA ‘Ding Ding’) and riding that instead of the MTR. You get a great view of everything that is going on, and it is super cheap to ride. They also offer a ‘TramOramic’ tour, which would be a great thing to do in Hong Kong at night.

Here is HK Tramways Interactive Map to find the closest tram to you.

Hong Kong Trams or Ding-Ding as it’s also known, run east-west along Hong Kong Island, not too far away from Victoria Harbour. Tickets are only HK$2.30 for adults and $1.20 for children. You pay when you disembark, so you can ride for as long as you want!


Street Food - Cheap Things to do in Hong Kong
Don’t be scared. The food is safe and amazing!

Eat street food.

Of course this would be on the list, everyone gets hungry, right? Hong Kong has some great street food. Whether it’s fried squid, stinky tofu, or egg waffles, don’t pass up an opportunity to try some cheap, delicious food.

For more ideas check out this Hong Kong Food Guide!


Visit a museum.

The Hong Kong Heritage museum was the best museum in Hong Kong. The permanent collection is free! It’s not too far from 10,000 Buddhas, so make a day out of it. Highlights of the museum: Bruce Lee exhibit and Bruce Lee statue out front of the museum. Much nicer and less crowded than the Bruce Lee statue at the ‘Avenue of the Stars.’

Museum Information:

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

  • Address: 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong
  • Admission: Free for permanent collections /  ~$20HKD for Special Exhibitions

Hong Kong Museum of History

  • Address: 100 Chatham Rd S, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
  • Admission: Free for the permanent exhibit “The Hong Kong Story” / ~$20HKD for Special Exhibits

More great museum ideas from Timeout Hong Kong.


Ladies Market - Cheap Things to do in Hong Kong
Ladies Market was our favorite for souvenir shopping and eating!

Browse the many different markets.

Ladies Market is our personal favorite. Tons of things to see, and food to eat. We got some great deals here. Don’t forget to haggle! Never act too interested in something and never take the first price offered! Temple Street was also interesting, but a little sketchy to be honest.

We did go to Temple Street Night Market and eat the famous spicy crabs, but overall we weren’t that impressed. (With the market that is, the crabs were delicious!) We kind of just got a seedy feeling there.

Lots of ladies standing in doorways, trying to catch your eye, tons of massage parlors, things of that sort.

Top 10 Hong Kong markets according to Time Out Hong Kong.

Go for a hike.

Hong Kong was way greener than we expected! There’s tons of hiking trails, so bring your hiking shoes and get out there for some great views of Hong Kong!

Lion’s Rock, Dragon’s Back, and many more. Hong Kong has over 300 km of hiking trails. The only cost is your transportation to get there.

More ideas on what to do in Hong Kong, and what to skip.


That’s just a few of our ideas for cheap things to do in Hong Kong. What are yours? Also, check out our 3 Free Things to See in Hong Kong


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