Choosing the right Airbnb in 3 Easy Steps


Choosing the right Airbnb might seem difficult or intimidating for a new user. I’m here to tell you that it’s not. I’ll show you what you need to be looking for to find a really great accommodation on your next trip abroad.

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What are you looking for? You have a lot of options when you choose a place to stay on Airbnb. There are so many varieties of places that it can feel overwhelming. When you start your search, if you know what you are looking for, use the “Filters” button to narrow it down. If you want an entire apartment or home to yourself, as if you were staying at a hotel, check that box. If you only want a private room or you’re fine with a shared room then use those options.

  • An entire apartment or house is just that, your own place that someone is renting to you. You may not even meet the owner of the place. They may not even live nearby.
  • A private room means that you are just getting one room, in either a house or an apartment that is yours to sleep in. This may not include a private bathroom. Your host might live in the other room, or it might still be an entire house for rent, just for other travelers.
  • A shared room means you might be sleeping on a fold out bed, a bunkbed, or something along those lines.


So now you have a list of accommodations. Do you know the area you want to stay in? Zooming in on the map will allow even more options in that area to pop-up on the list. What I look for when choosing a place to stay is at least a few reviews, a good rating, and a good price. Click on ones you are interested in and read everything the host has written. Every single listing is different. Some owners compile a huge list of rules while others are more relaxed. Familiarize yourself with what they ask of their guests. If you have any questions, you can contact the owner by e-mail.

Okay, I like this one. Once you find the airbnb that looks right for you, submit the dates and fill out the reservation form. Some places are instantly booked, while others require the host to approve or deny your stay. Reasons for denying you might be that you didn’t read their rules on the number of guests, if you have bad reviews on your account, or just that they aren’t available on the days that you requested. Don’t take it personally. There are tons more to choose from, and the next one you find will probably be even better.

So there you have it. Booking an Airbnb in 3 easy steps. It shouldn’t intimidate or frighten you. Millions of people use this website, it is safe and secure. Use common sense when booking a room and you will save money, and have a wonderful time in your destination. Safe traveling!

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8 thoughts on “Choosing the right Airbnb in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Great advice. I used airbnb inn Finland and again in Iceland over the past couple of years and it really was a lovely (and economical) experience!

    • We love it! I just think a lot of people, especially my family members, are a little leery of it. With good reason, but I hope this article can help ease some people’s minds.

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