Unfortunate Facts Travel With my Husband Taught Me

Marriage is refining. Traveling can be refining . Before I got married and before travel, many people I know can attest to the fact that I was (sometimes still am) impatient, inconsiderate and ungrateful. Traveling is hard because it can hopefully reveal to you your imperfections. Which brings me to… 3 ways traveling with my husband revealed my flaws and how I overcame (am overcoming) them.


Unfortunate Fact: I hate waiting and will complain about it the whole time. I even annoy myself in line.

After Travel: I hate waiting and will now engage people around me to laugh about the absurdity of waiting so long and in the process, make new friends, feel better and remember that I am not the center of the universe.



When you travel you wait in line. A lot. Airports, trains, buses, immigration and I never even realized how impatient and insufferable I was until I had to get a passport. Post Office-1 Liz-0. My husband never complains. I mean it… he. never. complains. Sometimes, I wonder how he can even stand to be around such an impatient person such as myself but he does. My husband taught me the simple motto, “Waiting is inevitable. But it doesn’t have to bother you.” And it doesn’t anymore. I have waited in countless ridiculous lines for the most absurd things (hello two hours to see a panda…okay, that one was actually worth it) that I never would have waited in before travel/marriage, thus missing out on all kinds of fun things. And with my husband as my model “wait-er”(word?) backing me up with a smile? Just a reminder that I “hit the husband lottery”.

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You never forget your first… Panda.

Unfortunate Fact: Oops, sorry I forgot your birthday/anniversary/(insert any important date here).

After Travel: I write so many letters my hands get cramps. I Skype so much my family is sick of my face.

You can take people for granted when you know they are just a phone call and car ride away. Traveling far away reminds you that there are people that love you and need to know you love them too. I am not as inconsiderate anymore about making sure people know how much they mean to me and I don’t know if they’ve meant as much as they do now. When I look from a distance at them I realize how blessed I am to have them and how much they’ve shaped who I am. Traveling does that to a person. Makes you think about how many times you could have spent time with a person and didn’t. How much you’ve missed. Yet another reminder that I am not the center of the universe. P.S. Miss you mama.

liz and mom.jpg

Unfortunate Fact: I don’t need anyone. I am perfectly capable of doing everything on my own. Oh, I am so clever it hurts.

After Travel: My husband saves my life on a daily basis. I need my husband immensely and I would not have the life I have were he not the amazing human being he is and I totally got lucky in the husband department. (Thank you, God.)



Have you ever checked foreign newspapers exchange rates to exchange money at the perfect time to ensure maximum rates? Me neither. My husband does that. Have you have tried to transfer money from an Asian bank account into an American account onto Paypal? Me neither. My husband does that. Have you ever somehow booked an amazing Japanese AirBnB that was totally in Japanese? (Still scratching my head on that one.) Guess who figured out that one? Hint: It wasn’t me. What about taught yourself Chinese symbols on city buses so you could get to cool places? Yeeeeeah, that wasn’t me either. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Holy smokes, this husband is a total boss!” Trust me, I say this exact sentence about 10 times a day. Traveling with my total boss hog husband has taught me two important things; I need my husband and I am not the center of the universe.


My handsome, smart, caring husband. Even strangers love him! He’s the tall one, not painted gold by the way.

Summary: Traveling is hard on the ego. Marriage is hard on the ego. If you’re lucky you get married to someone that inspires you everyday to be the best you can be. And I am lucky. Your flaws don’t have to define you. You can use them as a marker to grow as a human and citizen of the world. Feels good to not be the center of the universe.

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What’s helped shape you into a better person? Comment below and let me know I’m not the only one with issues!


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