Why you Should be Using Airbnb

Since its founding in 2008 Airbnb has spread worldwide with over 1.5 million rental properties available in 190 countries. These can range from the most luxurious homes to a shared room or even sleeping on someone’s couch. The great thing about this site is that you can choose what exactly you are looking for. If you want a private room, just check the box and all of your search results will be private rooms. Many hosts offer their spare bedroom as a place you can rent for cheap to sleep in at night.

Airbnb operates based on reviews of the host and of the guest. So you as the guest, are able to rate your host on whether they were creepy (if you even met them) as well as their review of you and how great, or not so great you were as their guest. What I do is look for the places with tons of reviews, and go from there. They’re usually surefire winners on price and comfort.

What we’ve found since using this site is that it allows you to stay in an amazing place for so much cheaper than a hotel, and even comparable with staying at a hostel for the night. We used it in Tokyo and Hong Kong, two very expensive cities to stay in, and the accommodations were very comfortable, safe, and cheap. Flights and accommodation are the two most expensive things about traveling. So if you save on the room, it allows you to stay longer, and to do more fun things while you’re there.

Here was the room we recently stayed in for 3 nights in Hong Kong. It cost us $200 total. I would recommend it. Small, but cozy!

Hong Kong Airbnb Listing

The site is definitely worth checking out if you’ve never done so. They are available all over the world, so the probability is very likely that there are many to choose from in the next city you will be visiting. Not sure how to use AirBnB? Keep a lookout for our next post coming soon: How to Use AirBnB for the Total Newbie!

If you are interested in Airbnb and want to sign up, click my referral link below. Not only is signing up free but it will give you a $25 credit off your first night’s stay, and you will help us earn credits for our next adventure!

Get $25 off when you sign up for Airbnb

After you sign up head over to our other article on Choosing the right Airbnb in 3 Easy Steps.

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