3 Things You Say to Yourself on Looong Flights

Long flights are the Catch-22 to traveling. Want to see the world?  Fine, it will just involve spending about a year of your life on a plane. No problem. Here are some things that go through every travelers head on long flights.

  1. “Only 10 hours to go.”, “Only 8 hours to go.”, “Only 6 hours to go.” Without a doubt every traveler at some point has counted down the hours only to see the hours, minutes, seconds crawling by. Seriously, life is in slow-mo on a plane. It’s the total “A watched pot never boils.” syndrome. And it’s absolute hell. Do yourself a favor and take a hammer to every watch you own before check-in.
  2. “We just have to get over this ocean. If we get over this ocean, the plane will crash on land and I’ll be able to radio/smoke signal/carrier pigeon for help.” If you’ve ever been on a plane you’ve thought of your escape/survival. If you’ve ever been on an extremely long flight you’ve thoroughly (albiet mentally) organized and planned your escape/survival down to every detail; whether you’d use the beverage cart for roofing or bedding materials, how you’d taste were you needed to sustain survivors (gamey or tender?) or if the lady sitting next to you has any first aid experience.
  3. “Next time, I’m flying first class.” but you won’t… ever. Because you’re broke and lucky if you ever even make it to Economy Plus one day; so just suck it up, watch Bridges Over Madison County again and be thankful they haven’t stored you with the luggage.

Ever been on a crazy long flight? Tell us the story. If you want to know our 3 favorite tips on getting cheaper plane tickets, check out 3 Tips on Getting Cheaper Flights #3 Might Shock You.

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3 Things you Say to Yourself on Looong Flights - Pinterest Pin
3 Things you Say to Yourself on Looong Flights – Pinterest Pin

5 thoughts on “3 Things You Say to Yourself on Looong Flights

  1. I must be one of the weird ones. I actually really enjoyed the longest flight I ever had to Australia recently. It is a very rare treat to be able to eat, drink and watch movies uninterrupted for hours on end. I always want to fit in one more movie! Now I want to fly somewhere 🙂

    • The movies are pretty great, I can’t deny it. The Asian airlines always seem to have some really new movies too! I just can’t get over being in that seat for so long. Teach me your ways!

  2. Ha ha! What if you got aisle seat? you can’t even look out side 🙂 We are also learning to deal with long flights. We generally keep laptops and mobile fully charged loaded with movies and podcasts.

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