5 People You Meet While Traveling

Traveling to distant lands is fun. Living in distant lands is fun. Meeting new people in distant lands is fun. You meet all kinds of people traveling to different countries. Have you ever wanted to know what kind of people are globetrotting? Here are 5 of them.


The Carrie Bradshaw

IMG_0017If you’ve ever seen Sex in The City you’ll know who I’m talking about. She rocks. She’s the quintessential single gal, traveling and soul searching. She seeks a strong relationship-with herself. She’s living life to the fullest and is loving every minute of it. The Carrie Bradshaw‘s are adventurous people who usually inspire others to travel as well.


The Lifer

IMG_0018This person has left their home country never to return. They have traveled extensively and have all the inside info about their new home from the perspective of a foreigner turned local. They are who you go to to ask about visas/culture/travel advice/where the Costco is. They are helpful and knowledgable.


The Lovers

IMG_0019They are couples happily traveling together. Sometimes, people forget to invite them to social gatherings since they are not single, like a majority of travelers but once they do they realize they have made two friends for the price of one. Potentially, The Lovers make great travel partners for the single person as they are great “wing people”. Because? Since they travel together, they have no hesitations or insecurities about engaging strangers in conversations and so naturally they make friends with strangers easily since the “creep factor” is eliminated. Taking advantage of this position is encouraged and welcomed by The Lovers since seeing others’ coupled up only brings them joy and satisfaction.


The Legit Dude

IMG_0020The Legit Dude may be male or female. They are legit. Meaning? They make friends with everyone because they are so nice and engaging. They are great listeners that make you feel like you are talking to someone you might know back home. The Legit Dude has local friends in every country you can think of and liked by all. They are the people who you remain life-long friends with even if you move on to a new country or city.


The Total Jerk


There are jerks you meet abroad, just like everywhere in life but The Total Jerk stands out abroad because they are an anomaly. Though they have traveled far and wide, experienced different cultures and traditions they are closed-minded, judgmental and negative. You’ll hear the The Total Jerk complaining about having to participate in local traditions (ex. I don’t care if I’m in Japan! I’m not taking off my shoes. That’s stupid.), criticizing others’ governments/religions/philosophies without provocation, and taking arguments to unnecessary levels. Want to enjoy your travels (and life for that matter)? Avoid this person.

Have you met any of these 5 people? Which one are you? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “5 People You Meet While Traveling

  1. Awesome! Former Legit Dude (at least I like to think so) turned “Lover”, enjoying the new perspective travelling with my girlfriend gives me 🙂 My only comparison travelling with partners is that I find it’s easy to not meet so many people as opposed to going solo and/or with a group of friends. I guess it could be because we’re in our own little self-contained bubble half the time.

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