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We were beyond excited to be going back to Taichung. Taichung City is one of our favorite places in Taiwan. If you’re wondering what you should do in Taiwan; go to Taichung City. Red lanterns line the streets among modern shops, superb museums and beautiful parks. There are serene, tucked away tea houses you can sit in for hours amidst crowds packed into narrow streets for busy night markets. It’s a harmonious blend of young and fresh; ancient and traditional. So when we were invited to be guests at Hotel Elizabeth in Taichung, we were so happy to be able to spend more time in our favorite Taiwanese city.


Hotel Elizabeth

Hotel Elizabeth delights before you even step inside! It’s hard to miss, as it has a fun, eye-catching design of passport stamps adorning the outside of the building; welcoming guests from far and wide. Chic, little boutiques are adjacent to the hotel on one side and Elisa Bakery, an artisan bakery on the other (shopping and baguettes? Yes, please!) Hotel Elizabeth is located perfectly; in the center of the city and upon arrival we were excited to see there was so much to do, just around the hotel alone. Within only minutes of walking distance of Hotel Elizabeth are things to do in all directions!

SoGo Department Store is just across the street. There are many different types of food to try including Japanese, Thai, and Italian that are conveniently located on the same block.

To add a ‘cherry on top’ to this already ideal location is that Hotel Elizabeth is directly next door to a beautiful temple covered majestically with beautiful red lanterns. The area surrounding Hotel Elizabeth has that ‘modern meets ancient’ vibe that Taichung is so adept at blending. I mean, a traditional temple with a Starbucks right across the street? Taichung is a city that appeals to all kinds of visitors.



We were met with a friendly and hospitable staff, all of which welcomed and engaged us in conversation and were eager to help us with anything we needed including restaurant reservations or recommendations on finding the perfect night market (Taichung has many!). They truly embodied the reputation that Taiwan has some of the friendliest and warmest people.



They showed us to our suite and inside we found a spacious and beautiful room with a sunny window, hardwood floors, and a huge bed (Cody is 6’7 and could fit perfectly which is a rare find even in the US), complete with a kitchen and sitting room.

There was plenty of room to have a cup of tea, and the room felt airy and bright. The decor gave a rustic feeling of being inside a cozy home in the English countryside. It was such a nice escape after the all day hustle and bustle of the city that we found we wanted to stay in our room a little longer to relax!

Hotel Elizabeth certainly makes it hard to leave and with it’s fabulous location, kind staff and more than restful and inviting rooms it’s no wonder this is a favorite of travelers from all over the globe looking for the ultimate Taichung experience.



SOGO Department Store – Located right across the street this department store boasts high-end favorites like Gucci and Chanel and other international brands like Espirit and Roxy. Fun Tip: Get there for the opening greeting; which consists of pretty ladies welcoming guests through the doors at 10:30.

Wu Wei Teahouse – Only about a 10 minute taxi to a serene tea house that serves traditional Taiwanese tea in a Japanese setting (Taiwan was once occupied by Japan and some cultural traditions can still be found).

Night Markets – Choose from some of the many exciting night markets Taiwan is famous for and eat and shop to your hearts content. Don’t forget to haggle!


Bubble Tea – Taiwan is famous for a creamy, milk tea filled with tapioca balls that are sipped though a wide straw. Its a favorite of locals and delicious. Find them at any of the various tea shops lining almost every street. Try Chun Shui Tang.

Danbing – Taiwan breakfast food; egg wrapped in a thin pancake. Try JME Brunch Box.

Biandang – Boxed Lunch available at various traditional restaurants and a local favorite.

Stinky Tofu (Chou Doufu) – Fried, fermented tofu with a very strong and recognizable smell. It can be found at the night markets of Taiwan, and also on the street. Try it at least once to say you did.


Travel Devoted would like to thank Hotel Elizabeth for extending the invitation to explore and experience Taichung City as a Hotel Elizabeth guest. All opinions and photos are entirely our own!


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