See This Place in Tokyo Before it’s Gone

Our must-see destination in Japan. If you’re taking a trip to Tokyo, don’t miss this. Tsukiji Fish Market, where huge tunas are sliced by samurai swords, and all of the different varieties of seafood to see and taste will make your head spin. It’s dark, damp, and wet. You will love every second of it.

But it’s moving soon.

Tsukiji Fish Market | What to do in Tokyo, Japan

After 80 years of business at the same location, it will be moving to Toyosu to get out of the way for the 2020 Olympics. So get there before it moves in November of this year. Unless you want to see the new, shiny, climate controlled place that won’t ever be the same.

Tsukiji Fish Market | What to do in Tokyo, Japan

It’s open 6 days a week, closed on Sundays and a few Wednesdays throughout the year. The famous tuna auction requires you to be there before 5:00 am and only allows 120 people to enter each day. If you miss that, don’t worry, it’s still a great place to explore. Walk around the outside market, eat some fresh sushi for breakfast. Check out the little shops and stands, there are tons of cool things to see and snacks to try.

Tsukiji Fish Market | Tokyo Must See Destinations

At 9:00 the big warehouse in the back is opened up for tourists, and this is where the real fun begins. People whiz by on forklifts as you try and stay out of their way. Walk down aisle after aisle of styrofoam boxes filled with all sorts of different creatures from the ocean. A lot of the seafood is actually so fresh it’s still alive, but most is frozen and shipped from all over the world. There are even free samples to be had. Make sure you don’t leave before you get a chance to walk around here. We almost did because we thought the outside market was all there was. It’s not.

Look at the size of this oyster. Would you eat it?

How to get to Tsukiji Fish Market

The market is located in Central Tokyo and is not difficult to find. Get to one of the train stations I’ve listed below and check a map or ask someone before leaving the station to point you in the right direction.

  • 8 minute walk from Toei Asakusa Line Higashi Ginza Station 
  • 5 minute walk from Hibiya Subway Line Tsukiji Station

A few tips for you:

  • Don’t wear sandals or your best sneakers, it’s pretty wet with who knows what
  • Stay out of the way as best you can
  • Don’t touch anything
  • Make sure you eat some sushi outside before you go!

This was one of the most memorable things we did while in Tokyo. To see what we were up to on this trip, check out 4 Days in Tokyo. What is your can’t miss destination in Tokyo? Will you visit Tsukiji before it closes? Let us know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “See This Place in Tokyo Before it’s Gone

  1. Hi Cody and Liz, fascinating and informative post. Karen and I are heading to Japan in October and this market is definitely on our list of ‘must sees’. Cheers, Mark (Born To Travel)

    • Awesome! You guys are going just in time. It won’t be there a few months later. It’s a shame really. Another tip from us is try the green grapes! Japan has the most delicious green grapes we have ever tried. Liz said they taste like vanilla ice cream. We met a guy in Taiwan that flies over to Japan just to eat some every year. You can find them in the grocery stores there. They aren’t cheap, but worth trying for sure!

  2. I’m so glad you guys were able to see this while it’s still in it’s original, authentic location. I won’t be able to travel to Japan before it moves, but it was great to see the pictures.

    • It was epic. It’s moving to a new location so when you get to Japan, definitely still worth looking into. Just won’t be it’s old, dark, wet, smelly self!

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