Arrival at our Bali villa home | Maca Villas Umalas

“Is this a dream?”

Luxury Bali villa | Maca Villas Umalas
The view from the sundeck of our Bali villa at Maca Villas Umalas

When you enter your private Bali villa at Maca Villas Umalas, these will be your first thoughts. They were for us. We could barely conceal our joy when we first laid eyes on it. During our tour we were given a welcome drink of ginger lemonade and shown everything our Bali villa had to offer. When our friendly attendant’s back was turned we were jumping up and down with sheer happiness. When she turned back around we made sure to compose ourselves; we are adults after all. But we are just warning you- when the door opens to your private Bali villa at Maca Villas Umalas you cannot prepare yourself for the utter delight you will feel.

Exploring our Bali Villa | Maca Villas Umalas

A champagne bottle exploding, a roller coaster at it’s peak, a kid on Christmas morning- all feelings Maca Villas evokes. Your own private world bursting with life. The plumeria trees, wall to wall vines and pops of color from the plentiful Birds of Paradise flowers. This Bali villa has to be the Balinese “Garden of Eden”, fully equipped for luxury, with a modern kitchen, elegant dining room and tropical living room overlooking a private pool.

2 bedroom pool Bali villa | Maca Villas Umalas
The view from the bedroom at our Bali villa | Maca Villas Umalas

The bedroom is the pinnacle of Maca Villas Umalas, just open your door and you’re enabled to greet the pristine waters of your private pool each morning. It’s the ultimate oasis as its wall to wall windows invite in the natural world; modern architecture in the paradise that is Bali-two things this Bali villa has blended seamlessly.

Waking up in paradise at Maca Villas Umalas!

What the service is like at Maca Villas Umalas

Maca Villas Umalas makes life easy. An accommodating staff will book you for the resort’s own shuttles, conveniently headed to popular beach areas, airport or tourist destinations. Scooters, cars, and bicycles are all available to rent. Maca Villas Umalas does not take hospitality lightly. They happily exceeded all of our expectations and answered any questions we had about our Bali villa and the best things to do around Seminyak.

Enjoying breakfast in Maca Villas Umalas dining room
Eating breakfast in the dining room.

What is rare about Maca Villas Umalas is that it invites its guests to not only an extremely luxurious stay, but an experience like no other Bali villa. The design and surroundings soon have you under a spell. Here you’ll find you’re okay with not “adulting” for a while. ¬†Jump in the pool straight from your bed. Order-in breakfast while you meet another beautiful sunny day. Have dinner or dessert delivered from the celebrated restaurant Mase located inside Maca Villas Umalas. Savor the delicious food poolside listening to the waterfall as night falls, or count the stars from your own rooftop lounge area.

Maca Villas Umalas shower view
You can jump in the pool straight from the shower!

The best Bali villa, Maca Villas Umalas

Maca Villas Umalas is the experience many search for but few find in another Bali villa, it is Heaven in Bali and one we hope to come back to again and again. But we will warn you- it is a heaven you’ll never want to leave.

We would like to thank Maca Villas Umalas for extending the invitation to Travel Devoted to be their guests . As always our opinions are entirely our own.

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