Travel Apps We Always Use (that are also totally free)

Travel apps have changed the game on travel. What used to be difficult, now can be the easiest thing. Navigating, translating, and finding a place to stay are now so easy anyone can do it. These 3 travel apps are always in use when we take a trip, make sure you have them downloaded on your phone before you get there.

Best Travel Apps

Google Translate is one of the best travel apps.
Google Translate is so legit, you might not even believe it’s real. Best travel app hands down. Welcome to the future.
  • Google Translate

Hands down the most convenient and useful travel app that we use. From translating menus with the picture function, to allowing you to speak English into it and it automatically translating for you, this travel app does it all. Welcome to the future.

Airbnb is the best travel app for finding a place to stay.
Airbnb is worldwide, and cheap. We love staying with different hosts and saving money! This is the best travel app for finding a place to stay.
  • AirBnb

Don’t believe everything you hear, Airbnb is pretty awesome. It allows you to stay in some awesome locations worldwide for way cheaper than a hotel room. This is the best of the travel apps because it allows you to find a place to stay or keep in touch with your host on the go.

If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Check out Why you Should be Using Airbnb.

Google Maps is the best travel app for navigation.
Google Maps is the best travel app to get you where you need to go. Check out our link on how to download the map and use it offline!
  • Google Maps

Yes, we’re Google fans. But seriously, there is no better way to navigate than by Google Maps. Our final travel app is actually the one we use the most. There is even a way to use it offline, by downloading an area and using GPS to navigate – Google Support Article. You will never feel lost, when you can see your little blue dot on the map!

These are our 3 favorite travel apps. With these 3 we feel like we can travel anywhere in the world, no problem! What travel app do you recommend? Let us know!

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The best free travel apps. These travel apps make it easier to get around, find a place to stay, and save money on your next trip!



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  1. I swear I could not live without google maps. The number of times that has rescued me to the point of almost missing a flight if it was not for that baby!

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