Travel Scripture – Our Favorite Verses About Travel

These are our favorite travel scriptures which have filled us with peace and confidence in God’s provision. Anytime we find ourselves in a new situation abroad, God speaks to us through these bible verses for travel.

We hope you will find encouragement, and look to God if you are fearful about you or a loved one’s trip abroad. Know that God will take care of them, and everything will be fine.

Bible verses on a plane – our flight to Taiwan

bible verses on travel - scripture for travel

We were nervous. Really nervous. It was not only the longest flight we had ever been on (15 hours) but it was also the biggest move we had ever done (Austin to Taiwan – doesn’t get much further). We weren’t going on a vacation, we were starting a new life in a country we had only seen pictures of.

There were all kinds of questions on our hearts. Is this the right decision? Are we going to regret this? Are we making the wrong choice? We spent almost everyday in the weeks leading up to leaving the US in prayer. Asking God to make every plan fall through if this wasn’t the right move. To show us clear warning signs and red flags if this wasn’t His path for us. Yet, everything was falling into place! Which was probably scarier!

Then, on the airplane we found this verse, “Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified or afraid for the Lord your God goes with you wherever you go. He will neither fail you or abandon you.” Deuteronomy 31:6. Wow! When we felt like we were leaving everything behind, God was with us! He was already before us, in Taiwan preparing a safe place for us! What a God we have! This verse reminds us that in any new chapter of life, He is there. Even if we do stray from the path, make wrong choices, have no idea what to do-He is still there going before us and working out everything for the good of those that love Him.

Travel scripture after leaving everything a world away

bible verses on travel - scripture for travel

Liz remembers when we first arrived in Taiwan and we didn’t own anything except what we brought in out two suitcases (besides wedding gifts and our favorite vinyl records that are still sitting in storage today). We didn’t bring towels for some odd reason. Had no mattress and slept on a large wooden “bed frame” which was just a box. The good ol’ days weren’t really that good!

Then we went to a church in Huwei, Taiwan a few weeks after arriving.  The service was conducted totally in Chinese naturally. But we started attending every week, because we enjoyed the sense of community.

We never understood the sermon except what people loosely translate for us afterward. Except for that one day when a verse was spoken in English, and it spoke straight to our hearts. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10. The first few weeks we frantically tried to get everything situated, to find a new normal in a totally different country, where we didn’t speak the language and it was wearing us thin- then after that church service, there was no more worry. God was in control.

We knew then that the towels would eventually get bought, the mattress was on it’s way in time and everything would be taken care of, and it was. God is faithful! Being still is a learned skill and traveling+marriage is the crash course. If you’re in a season of anxiety or panic about building your new life together come to God in thankfulness and in KNOWING – He will come through. Always.

Bible verses on travel for those lonely or tough days abroad.

Bible verses on travel - marriage scripture

There is no perfect marriage because there are no perfect people. Only sinners saved by grace and brought to the beautiful covenant of marriage by God’s authority. There are many people we meet, not only on our travels but in the US, our friends and even our family members that do not understand the concept of what this means.

The verse spoken over our clasped hands by the priest on our wedding day is still the most powerful verse we have experienced as a couple. “Therefore what God has joined together, man must not divide.” Mark 10:9.

It can start with a friend gossiping about their own husband, other husbands shirking their responsibilities and making your dedication look like a joke, a family member just ‘offering advice,’ a co-worker’s flirty attitude…the list truly goes on and on. Let nothing come between you, not miles, not people, not bitterness or resentment. Stand on the rock that is God’s truth- By His power, He brought you together and has entrusted this person to you. Protect your marriage with everything you have and like the precious gift it is.

What are your favorite verses, either for travel or marriage? Let us know below.

We would love to hear what you think! Get back to us.

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