Travel Gear to Keep Fit on the Road

Travel gear to stay in shape on the road, and abroad. These budget friendly items are very portable, so you can throw them in a carry-on or backpack. This travel gear guide is just the beginning, and we would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below! Click on the pictures below to see the gear on Amazon.

Folding Yoga Mats

-These things are so cool and incredibly portable! No more huge mats strapped to your back! Just fold it up and stick in a bag. Perfect travel gear for you yogis!

Looking for a new yoga routine? We highly recommend Yoga with Adriene on Youtube.

Travel gear for fitness - foldable yoga mat

Garmin Watch

You do so much walking while traveling. This is the best travel gear to keep you intentional, motivated and accurate on any trip. You’ll know if you need to add a little distance to your day and feel super accomplished when you reach your finish line.

Quick rundown of the features:

  • Heart rate monitor built in
  • ~1 week between battery charges
  • GPS built in to track your activities or to set points of interest
  • Completely waterproof (I never take it off except to charge)
  • Garmin App to store info for iOS or Android

Travel gear for fitness


Counting Jump Rope

Hit your goal of 100, 500,0r 1,000 jumps a day! So easy to carry it’s the smallest hand-held gym ever! Click for a Men’s Fitness jump rope workout!

Travel Gear for fitness


Use these on carpet, tile, or grass. Great fun for a change in your routine, and builds strength without taking up precious storage space. The ultimate in fit travel gear. Think you can’t get a workout from something so simple? Think again. These are probably the most versatile of all the fitness travel gear we have listed.

Here’s 31 ways you can use your bodyweight to workout with these sliders.

travel gear for fitness - sliders

Resistance Bands

These come in all kinds of styles but they build muscle tone and you’ll definitely feel the burn! Pack the ones you need and they take up literally no space. Great for stretching or toning.

Here are tips for how to get started using resistance bands.

travel gear for fitness - resistance bands


Protein Powders

Gotta keep them gains right? If you want a great tasting option, check out the best tasting strawberry protein powders of 2017. Put it into another container with the amount you need to make it more portable.

travel gear for fitness - protein powder

This fit travel gear list is just the beginning to achieving your fitness goals on the go! Don’t forget to take advantage of any bike rentals, yoga classes or hiking trails; not only to stay fit but to fully immerse yourself wherever you go! Got any tips for staying fit on the road? What about travel gear that you recommend?

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