Heavenly French Pastries That You Will Absolutely Love

Paris is delicious. French pastries are out of this world. I don’t think I’ve come back home the same person (definitely not the same sized person anyways). I’m already dreaming of the French pastries I had, so thought I’d share. Here is a list of Parisian treats everyone should try.

Crossiant aux Amande

French Pastry - Croissant Amande

This is the croissant’s sexier sister. Filled with almond sugar, it’s ridiculously good. I had to really limit myself with these! It was hard to do, because the best ones we found were also at the place we loved to go to for breakfast in Montmartre, Coquelicot.

Chocolate Eclair

French Pastry - Chocolate Eclair

Filled with chocolate, not with cream. You think you’ve had an eclair until you’ve eaten this one.

Sesame Bread

French Pastry - Sesame Bread

From the Jewish Quarter, so soft and sweet. Perfect to eat with cheese or meat (I rhymed!) We made some delicious sandwiches with these.


French Pastry - Mille-Feuille

French pastries seem like so much work. It felt hard to eat this because the cream wants to ooze out, but that makes it even better I think.

Crepes (any kind will do)

French Pastry - Crepes

Filled with any type of goodness. Ham and cheese, nutella, or fruit. You can find a flavor you love. Soft and chewy.

St. Honoré

French Pastry - St. Honore

Cream puffs, on a cake with whipped cream all over it? YES please! This was from Le Café Richelieu, located in the Louvre.


French Pastry - Macaron

The most famous French pastry. Crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Every flavor you can think of. Don’t miss it!

Our favorite Pâtisseries / Boulangeries for French pastries:

Coquelicot (Address: 24 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France)

Excellent for baguettes, or for all of the items we listed here. Must try: Croissant aux Amande

Au Levain d’Antan (Address: 6 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France)

Located right down the street from Coquelicot, this place was the winner of the best baguette in Paris in 2011. The winner of this award then supplies the President of France with all of his bread! Must try: the baguette obviously!

Le Grenier à Pain (Address: 38 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France)

Two time winner of best baguette in Paris. Must try: Croissant

Our 3 favorite places were all on the same street, and all in Montmartre. Ever been to Montmartre? Here is our walking guide to Montmartre.


Anything you’d add to the list? What’s your favorite treat in Paris?

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