Who are we?

We are Cody and Liz Biggers. A Texan with a peanut butter problem and a Louisiana Southern Belle that could talk to a brick wall. We were married January 4, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (To read our marriage testimony click here!) We decided to start traveling 6 months after we were married and it was one of our best ideas. Since leaving our family, friends, and dog (he’s in good hands) we’ve been living and teaching in Taiwan.

Our Biggest Trips

18 Day Bicycle Trip Around Taiwan

Travel Devoted Bicycle Trip Around Taiwan

Travel Devoted Bicycle Around Taiwan

We brought way too much stuff on the bikes. Then there were the flat tires. Not to mention the humongous spider we saw in one of our camp showers! We loved every second of the trip. It was unforgettable.

3 Weeks in France and Spain

Travel Devoted Babymoon in Paris

The sights, smells, and sounds of Paris, and Montmartre. We can’t wait to get back. Croissant Amande, how I love thee. Then there was the RV trip with Marian through Southern France down to Barcelona and back through Andorra and the Pyrenees Mountains. There’s something about riding in an RV together for a week that will give you a special kind of bond.

10 Day Honeymoon in Belize

The trip that started it all. It’s when we became Travel Devoted. The beach, snorkeling, and Mayan Ruins. Not to mention the rum punch and awesome condo we stayed in on Caye Ambergris.

What are we working on?

10 Day Honeymoon Devotional

What better time is there to do a devotional? You’re newlyweds, having fun and enjoying each other and wherever you go together. Your hearts were knitted together in front of God and your family. We were lucky to have some awesome classes and counseling before we were married. It had us talking and working on things that we might’ve never even considered needed to be worked on before marriage.  We want to start your marriage off on the path to success by promoting greater intimacy and closeness.

Some of our topic ideas are:

  • Faith
  • Leadership
  • Explore
  • Create

We are nearly done with the book, and will be working to figure out how to publish and get it in your hands! This will be the perfect wedding gift for that faith filled couple you know that is about to get married! To get started on a few of the devotionals we’ve written check out our 10 Second Testimony series!