Asia is a land of adventure. In a culture so different from ours, every time you turn the corner there is something exciting. It’s also home to some of the safest, and cheapest options for traveling.

Best Asia Destinations, Taiwan


Our home for the last three years. Taiwan is awesome, and full of awesome things to see and do. Taiwanese people are some of the friendliest we have ever met. We have seen a lot of Taiwan, but definitely not everything.

Trip recommendations for Taiwan:

Bicycle Trip around the Island : Got a lot of time and want an awesome test of endurance and adventure? Many Taiwanese and foreigners alike come to Taiwan to take the “環島” or ‘Huandao’ trip. Some take as few as 3 days (insane). We took our time and finished in 18 days, But it’s definitely doable in 10.

Taipei City : Of course if you come to Taiwan you have to see Taipei, it’s where you will land after all. Some of our favorite things in Taipei:

  • Elephant Mountan – nice hike up and great views of the city
  • Taipei Zoo – Try to go on a weekday to avoid the huge crowds and definitely allot some time to ride the gondola up the mountain to Maokong and explore around there. You can see monkeys along some of the trails.
  • Tamsui or Danshui – Great seafood along the river. You can actually bike from the city along the river up to Tamsui. We’ve always wanted to do it, but never actually have.
  • Jiufen – A lot of people like it, but we’ve never been that interested to go there. We were close-by on our bike trip and the scenery around there is spectacular.
  • Night Markets – Pick the one that sounds the most interesting to you, there are tons. Personal recommendation Shilin (huge and crowded) or Raohe (smaller scale)

Hualien / Taroko National Park : Hualien is on the east coast of Taiwan. It’s not the quickest place to get to from Taipei, but it’s definitely worth it. The water is beautiful, as is the scenery. Taroko (TAI-RU-GUH) National Park is the real gem of Taiwan. It’s a gorge, so you are walking along trails with cliffs of marble towering over you. If you want to see a lot of the park, rent a car, scooter, or take a tour bus because it’s not the easiest place to hike from one place to another. DO NOT MISS TAROKO NATIONAL PARK IF YOU COME TO TAIWAN. Make it a priority destination.

East Coast Roadtrip : I’d highly recommend renting a car, or better yet a bike if you really want a challenge, and set out from Hualien down to Taitung. It’s over 200 km of awesome views and scenic spots. This was the most challenging part of that bike trip I mentioned earlier, but it was definitely our favorite part of the whole trip. So incredibly beautiful. If you miss the East Coast on your trip to Taiwan, you missed the prettiest side of it.

Taichung : Our favorite city, and where we considered moving to. It’s huge with lots to see and do, but if you are short on time in Taiwan, it’s easily skippable.