Japan was really cool. We visited Tokyo for Liz’s 30th birthday. We stayed in a neat Airbnb outside of the city near Yokohama. It was really nice, and really cheap! Find out Why you Should be Using Airbnb here.

Some of our favorite memories from our first time in Tokyo include:

  • Eating sushi 3 meals a day
  • Finding a tiny bar with only enough room for 5 people to stand
  • The green grapes. Seriously. They aren’t cheap but they taste like vanilla ice cream.
  • Meiji Shrine. The walk back to it was beautiful, as well as the gardens. Don’t miss the gardens!
  • Tsukiji Fish Market. Huge fish being sliced with what look like samurai swords. Awesome.

For our complete 4-day itinerary check out 4 Days in Tokyo.

Also here is a vlog we did while touring Tsukiji Fish Market.